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NE NEWS - November 19, 2013

Northeast Community News – November 19, 2013
Dear friends and family,
Yes, it was another wonderful day in the Lord, Sunday! The weather held off until we got home from church, and while we did experience some wind and some of us lost electricity, nothing compares to the power of the Holy Spirit moving through our lives!
God’s message this week came from Hebrews 11:29-12:2 and was titled: “Fruit of the Spirit: Faithfulness.” Are you a faithful person? How long can you be expected to remain faithful: an hour – a day – a month – a couple of years? As Spirit-filled Christians we live and breathe and move in a far different rhythm than a world that measures faithfulness in minutes and days! Unlike the latest Hollywood stars, Christians want to be more like Jesus! How faithful is God? The Psalmist writes, “For the LORD is good and his love endures forever; His faithfulness continues through all generations” (Ps. 100:5).
Throughout Scripture we discover the Triune God exhibiting and honoring faithfulness. Every time we see a rainbow (Genesis 9:12-16), pick up our Bibles (Matthew 24:35), gather in a small group (Matthew 18:20), partake in Communion, worship, pray, or go through a hard trial or suffer (Mathew 28:20b, Hebrews 13:15) and even in death as we face eternity, God is faithful (John 14:2-3). God does not need to be in the right mood to care for us, be faithful to us, to save us; He is faithful because of who He is! Faithful! God is faithful without a doubt!
The question is, “What story are you part of?” The “Christian story” or the “world’s story?” The world defines faithfulness in minutes and makes exceptions when the going gets tough, the love is gone, or the mood passes. This story is filled with uncertainty and brokenness! God’s story of enduring forever love and generational faithfulness (Ps. 100:5), is a story of kept promises, commitment, love, hope, joy and peace!
When you join the Christian story by receiving and believing in Christ, you become part of the children of God dating back to Genesis! Your story is no longer a hopeless, tragic, life without commitment and faithfulness. Your story, faith, life and all relationships (with God and others) is defined by Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit because you are a child of the King (John 1:12)!
So how do you grow in faithfulness? First, you need to realize you are surrounded, throw off every sin that hinders or entangles, and get into the race (Hebrews 12:1) You are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses and they are all rooting for you! Don’t give up! But, you must eliminate those things (even good things) that drag you down and keep you from being all God wants you to be! What keeps you from having enough time to pray, come to church, read your Bible, and serve others? Eliminate what you can! These are hindrances! Finally, when you have received Christ, you are already equipped to get into the race! Will you learn more as you go? Absolutely! But get started today!
Second, when you are a Christian, growing in grace, and trying to be more like Jesus the Holy Spirit will produce fruit through you! (Gal. 5:22-23) So don’t worry about working hard to be more faithful! As you yield to the Holy Spirit, God will produce the fruit! You might just be surprised how loving, kind, and faithful you become when God leads!
Finally, long-term faithfulness requires the right focus: Jesus! (Hebrews 12:2-3). Unlike an apple tree, freewill allows Christians to uproot themselves! The best way to avoid temptation – to avoid growing weary – to avoid losing heart is to stay ‘fixed’ on Jesus! Are you fixed on Jesus? Are you rooted in the Spirit of Christ? Are you giving God full control of your life? Good, then you are without a doubt bearing fruit! Amen!
We changed the format of the adult Bible study! While we still examine God’s Word, we are now singing and praying first to give us enough time to pray! Sometimes this means we need two weeks to finish a lesson and that is ok! This week we examine “goodness” in Psalm 107:1-32 as we continue our Fruit of the Spirit study. Hope to see you there!
Blessings! Pastor Dan

Hello from Pastor Amy, your Associate Pastor/Administrative Secretary
My office hours vary on Tuesdays, so if you need to see me, just call! My responsibilities also include preparing our weekly program, so if you have an event that you would like to put in the program or newsletter, or a prayer request to publish, please contact me!
Also, we have a long, ongoing list of prayer requests. Please keep me updated. Requests will be pulled from the newsletter & program after three weeks. My Contact Info: 616-514-9521 or aorban@nnu.edu


Wednesday Night Potluck Dinner – THIS WEDS NOV 20th
Our potlucks usually take place on the last Wednesday of every month. Due to Thanksgiving, we are moving our dinner back one week, and will be having it this Wednesday, the 20th at 5:30pm, with regular Bible study to follow. Bring a dish to pass and join us for food and fellowship, and bring a friend or family member too. Talk to Julie Orban with questions or to help set-up and clean-up.

Philippines Disaster Response – You Can Help!
Many of you were in service on Sunday, and watched a short video about how the Church of the Nazarene is responding to the disaster relief efforts from the Typhoon. One of our churches in the Philippines is still standing and is being used as a temporary morgue. Nazarene Compassionate Ministries is sending food, water, crisis care kits, construction workers, medical personnel and more to help with this massive disaster. We will take up another offering this Sunday November 24th, and will combine both offerings to send to the Philippines. Please pray about how you can help, the need is great and the rebuilding is just beginning! More good info here:http://ncm.org/news/press/

Helping College Student Revival at Calvin – The Send
In an an effort to support Jonathan Gingrich and fellow Calvin College students who are gathering weekly for prayer, planning, and revival, we are asking if you would be willing to bake a treat or snack for their weekly meetings. They are meeting on Sundaynights, so we want to send them off with snacks for the meeting. Talk to Irene Pratt or bring something Sunday to send!

Thanksgiving Dinner Invitation – RSVP TODAY!
Everyone is invited to join Pastor Dan and Janie for a Thanksgiving meal at noon on Thanksgiving Day. We know not everyone has family to be with, so please know you have a place with us here! If you want to come, please RSVP by 11/24 to: Pastor Dan616.204.1153hathdan@me.com Janie 616.204.2499 allsmiles@comcast.net

New Membership Class Begins Sunday November 24
Pastor Dan is planning a class for those who are interested in membership at our church, or for those who want to learn more about the church of the Nazarene. The class will be four sessions and will take place on the Sundays of Nov 24Dec 1, Dec 8, and Dec 15. Please talk to Pastor Dan if you are interested because class startsTHIS Sunday!

Wednesday November 27 – Decorate the Church!
We are cancelling our regular Wednesday night Bible study on November 27th (the night before Thanksgiving) and instead we are inviting everyone to show up at 6:30pmfor pizza and a time of decorating the church for the holiday season. Won’t you help us make the church look beautiful? See you there!

November Blanket Drive for Mel Trotter! Coats too!
During the month of November, we are holding our third annual Blanket Drive for Mel Trotter mission. Three years ago we learned that the mission is often in need of blankets, and many of their people end up sleeping on beds without blankets during these cold months. So bring your new or gently used blankets in and add them to the pile in the back of the sanctuary. This year we are also collecting gently used and new coats to donate with our blankets! Talk to Janie with questions. Our goal is 65 blankets/50 coats!
Blanket Total so far:  blankets 33                           Coat Total so far:  coats 10

Advent Readings and Lighting of the Wreath
Advent begins on the first Sunday of December, and our tradition is to light candles on our Advent Wreath in the front of the sanctuary as we anticipate Christmas and the birth of our Savior. Would you be willing to do a reading and candle lighting at the beginning of one of the Sunday services leading up to Christmas? Talk to Pastor Amy/Pastor Dan.

First Friday Chinese Lunches Continue – December 06
Looking for a chance to connect with some of your friends from church? Join us for lunch on the first Friday of every month at the Hibachi Grill on Alpine, located behind the Target. Everyone is invited. The food is cheap and delicious and the conversation is even better. No reservations required, just show up at 11:30am. Talk to Tracy Tamm.

NE Community Potluck – Sunday December 08
Immediately after our morning worship service on Sunday December 08, we will be holding another NE Community potluck. This is a great time to invite friends and family to church, and everyone is welcome to attend. Please bring a dish to pass if you are able. There is always plenty of good food to go around. Talk to Irene Pratt to help!

Cookie Exchange and Lunch – Saturday December 14 @ 12:00pm
The Stewards are planning a cookie exchange and lunch for anyone who is interested. Please bring at least one dozen cookies to exchange. Lunch will be provided. Everyone is welcome to join! Talk to Irene Pratt with questions.

December Wednesday Night Potluck Dinner Date Change
Our Wednesday night potlucks usually take place on the last Wednesday of the month, but due to Christmas, we are pushing our dinner back a week for December. The dinner will be held on Wednesday December 18 @ 5:30pm with regular Bible study to follow. Bring a dish to pass and join us for good food and fellowship. Talk to Julie Orban with questions or to help set-up or clean-up.

Christmas Eve Service – December 24 @ 6:00pm
We are once again beginning to plan our Christmas Eve Service. This is a very special service and is a great time to invite someone who normally does not come to church. We need plenty of workers to help decorate, light candles, do various readings, work in the nursery, clean up, and prepare cookies and coffee for the afterglow following the service. Want to help or have any other ideas? Talk to Pastor Dan.

Christmas and New Year’s Wednesday Night Cancellations
Please note that we will NOT be holding our regular Wednesday night Bible study onWednesday December 25, nor on January 1st. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Our Teens are FUNDRAISING!
In an effort to raise money for summer camp at Indian Lake Nazarene Camp, our teens are selling World’s Finest Chocolate Bars. They have a variety of flavors, and the bars are $1 each. They are selling them on Wednesday nights, as well as after service on Sunday. This is a great way to support our teens and help them get to summer camp! Talk to Pastor Amy if you have any questions, or see Kamrie and Alannah to buy!

Come pray with us on Tuesday mornings! Everyone is invited to join us for an hour of prayer. We all know many who need Jesus, and many who have other needs. We believe that prayer really does change things, and God really does love the world – especially those who don’t know Jesus yet! Who could you be praying for? It is a midweek blessing and encouragement to join with other believers in prayer! See youTuesday!

Upcoming Events
November 20           Wednesday Night Potluck Dinner @ 5:30pm, Bible study follows
November 24            New Membership Class Begins
November 24            RSVP Deadline for Thanksgiving Dinner (RSVP to Janie/Pastor D.)
November 27            No Weds night study, show up at regular time to decorate the church
November 28           Thanksgiving Day Dinner at Noon at the church
December 01          Communion Sunday/ NO Children’s Church
December 06          First Friday Chinese lunch, 11:30am @ Hibachi Alpine
December 08          NE Community Potluck follows morning worship
December 14          Cookie Exchange and Lunch @ Noon
December 18          Wednesday Night Potluck Dinner @ 5:30pm, Bible study follows
December 24          Christmas Eve Service @ 6pm
December 25          No Wednesday Night Bible Study – Merry Christmas!
January 01              No Wednesday Night Bible Study – Happy New Year!

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