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Northeast Community News – June 15, 2015

Hello Friends and Family!
While I have only ‘heard’ from 3 of you, I have heard you had another wonderful day in the Lord, Sunday, here at Northeast Community Church of the Nazarene! Steve H. led the music, Jean C. played the piano, Sherry J. led the Sunday school class, and Pastor Ed D. brought His (God’s) message!  What a joy to know some can be on vacation, another sick and still others away for whatever reason, but God is faithful and comes and moves in our lives regardless! 
While I am looking forward to hearing more reports from your message here, Janie and I attended Hastings Free Methodist Church (her mother’s church) where the sermon title was ‘Dead Dog for Dinner.’ Preaching from 2 Samuel 9:1-13, Pastor Eric shared grace found in the O.T. that points us to our Savior Jesus. 
In this text, we discover King David looking for someone left in the house of Saul in whom he can show ‘Godly kindness’ for the sake of Jonathan (v. 3). There was one: Mephibosheth. 
Historically, when a new king came to power, all that remained of the former king and his family (which included potential competing heirs and their children) were ruthlessly killed. We are told Mephibosheth was dropped at 5 years old as they fled the new king and he was in fact paralyzed. So, for 15 years Mephibosheth, the only one left in the line of Saul was in hiding in Lo Debar (v. 4) in fear for his life and unable to defend himself. 
In v. 5 we discover King David immediately sending Saul’s former servant Ziba to go get him. When Mephibosheth is brought to King David we find this exchange beginning in v. 6b:
David said, “Mephibosheth!” “At your service,” he replied. “Don’t be afraid,” David said to him, “for I will surely show you kindness for the sake of your father Jonathan. I will restore to you all the land that belonged to your grandfather Saul, and you will always eat at my table.” Mephibosheth bowed down and said, “What is your servant, that you should notice a dead dog like me?” (6b-8).
Ever felt like a dead dog before God? Ever felt like if someone ‘found you out’ – knew where you hiding (or what you were hiding) and how defenseless you really were, you’d be a dead dog, too? This is how we really approach Jesus. He knows where and what we’re hiding and though we deserve death, He offers us amazing grace and saves us! 
Maybe you aren’t feeling like a dead dog, but you know a Mephibosheth. You know a lame hurting person in hiding that needs to hear Jesus came not to destroy, but to restore their place at the King’s table. May we all welcome a dead dog for dinner! Blessings, Pastor Dan
The Stewards are planning a Summer Celebration this year to be a blessing to our community and they need your help to make it happen! Ron Morse has generously offered to let us use his tent again this year, but we need help with food, organizing a game or two, and helping set up and clean up! Can you do something to help?
You can find more information and sign-up sheets on the wall outside the sanctuary or please ask Cherry P. or Steve H. if you have any other questions! Let’s all do our part to help host a great Summer Celebration! Trust me! It will be fun for everyone involved! 
Our next Third Thursday Chinese Lunch is THIS WEEK at the Hibachi Grill on Alpine (behind Target). Remember! It’s more than food! It’s a time to share our joys, concerns and laugh! So grab a friend and come at 11:30! Questions? See Tracy or Linda!
I wanted to give you an update on the NMI District Project to raise $20,000. You will recall of the 75 churches on our District, our church raised $743. The following is an email I received from the person in charge of promoting this project on the District. Remember, this note’s for you, the faithful folks who made it possible! God is good!
Michigan District,  
We have crossed the Finish Line decisively!!!  As of this morning, the $20,000.00 goal for our Nazarene Evangelical Schools in the Middle East has been met and exceeded. The total I have at this moment is $20,764.79 and we are told that more is coming in. It has been some time since we have met our District Project Goal, so this is an exciting occurrence!
To all of the churches, "Thank you!"   Let us all lift our voices in praise to our Mighty God who has challenged and equipped His people to meet this ministry need!!  What a blessing to be privileged to share this exciting news!!!
Pastor Bob Anderson (Received June 09, 2015)
We are halfway through the month of June and the non-perishable food is beginning to grow on the table in the back of the sanctuary, (but we can always use a little more!) 
In case you didn’t know, Janie and Corynne Johnson (Sherry J’s daughter) are planning to ‘Run Against Hunger’ on Jul. 11 to help North East Community Ministry restock their depleted food shelves. These two ladies will be running a 5k (3.1 miles) in the hot sun! Your job is a bit easier! Bring 3.1 cans or boxes of non-perishable food and place them on the table in the back of the sanctuary! Bless you for helping the hungry! Can’t bring 3.1 items? No problem! Just bring what you can! Questions? See Pastor Dan.
Join us at 6:30pm for a time of singing, prayer, and study for the whole family. Are you willing to help? We need help with children. Jeffrey R., and Danasia O. are coming and if Carrie brings her 3 children we would have 5 kids! We always end our night with ice cream! PS. It is cool in the air conditioned Sanctuary! Come! You’ll be glad you did!
If I have my facts straight (remember I’m a man) I think the ladies are planning their next get together at the church on Sat., Jun. 20th at 10:30am. All ladies are invited and welcome! Please see Gerry D. or Cherry P. for details (and for the facts!!) 
As the church year closed last May 31st and new year started on June 01st, one thing became clear: we are a church that supports missions! Praise God that it has been an incredible year. Certainly, God is on a mission and we are blessed to join Him. Thank you for responding obediently in your giving, your time, and your resources!
Next Missionary Gathering is Sun., Jul. 28th at 4pm
Our next missionary gathering is Sun., Jul. 28th at 4pm at the church. Come enjoy a brief study, learn what our missionaries are doing, how to pray for them, and learn how to be missionary in your own neighborhood! We also enjoy snacks and laughter together! So bring a snack, a friend, (even an enemy!) and join us! Youll be glad you did! 
Remember to pray for our Yabeez Naseem (our sponsored child)!
Our church sponsors an 11 year old child from Lahore, Pakistan! While the world seems full of poverty, war and struggle, it’s great to know there is at least one boy receiving emotional, spiritual, and physical support each month BECAUSE OF YOU! Check out his picture, drawings, and report cards on the missionary bulletin board! 
Missionary Books!
NEW Missionary Books are available! There are books designed for children, youth, and adults (adults have the option of listening to the books on CD) to learn about missions. Our goal is to have 100 books read and there will be prizes for the first adults, teens, and children who read them! See Sherry our new NMI President!
Help Feed the Hungry at Supper House – Thu., Aug. 06th at 5:00PM
Do you realize there are people in Grand Rapids who are hungry? There is more need than you ever and Jesus told us we love and serve Him by caring for those who hunger, are in prison, are thirsty, and those who are sick (see Matt. 25:35-36). Your NMI council is committed to loving God and others in other countries and at home! One way to do this is to partner with North End Community Ministry (NECM), pay for a dinner to feed 150 people, and serve at the ‘Supper House’ located at St. Alphonsus Catholic Church. Are you willing to help? (we need 10 servers). See Gerry Dawson if you are interested! 
“Reflecting God” is a daily devotional guide our church makes available free to anyone interested. The devotions provide a brief truth from the Bible every day. Reflecting God also has a section for reading the Bible in a year and praying for our missionaries! Feel free to take one! You’ll find them located on the table outside of the sanctuary!
Can you help in the nursery? Help teach a Sunday school class? Sing on the Praise Team, help run the sound booth, call on shut-ins, move the palms, or help mow the grass? It is a lot of work to keep up a church and we need everyone to help! Let Gerry D. or Pastor know if you can help! Remember: many hands make light work! 
Did you know Campbell Soup labels and General Mills box tops are worth cash? While it seems small, when we work together, it really adds up! This program has provided PA equipment, computers, and even a 15-passenger van for Nazarene Sun Valley Indian School in AZ. Start collecting them and give them to Fran S. and Sherry J. Questions? See Fran or Sherry or go to this link:
The Church of the Nazarene is just over 100 years old and one of her oldest traditions is coming together each year for a time of spiritual renewal called ‘Camp Meeting.’ Camp Meeting was original held at Indian Lake Nazarene Camp in Vicksburg under a large tent for several weeks at a time. Then, our three Michigan districts were one and a large crowd gathered to hear evangelists preach 3 services a day plus a time of discipleship. 
While Camp Meeting is only a week now and there are just 2 services a day and a time of discipleship, it is still a time for spiritual renewal for 1,000+ people. Come for just one service or the whole week and you will be blessed! 
Camp Meeting begins with District Assembly Sun., Jul. 12th and ends Sun., July 19th. Pastor Dan spends the week at ‘camp’ in a small cabin and would love to have you stop by! Need more information? See Pastor Dan or Janie!  
As you have probably noticed, we put our church family’s birthdays and anniversaries in our weekly program. Do we have yours? If you’d like to be included, simply add your info to the ‘tear off tab’ and drop it in the offering plate or email Pastor Dan! Thanks!
Remember, to keep our prayer lists current, we only place requests in the newsletter and bulletin for 3 weeks without an update. If you want to keep your prayer request in the bulletin or newsletter just keep filling out the tear off tabs and keep us informed! 

June          Run Against Hunger Food Drive for N.E.C.M.
Jun. 18      Chinese Lunch at 11:30am
Jun. 20      Ladies Rendezvous 10:30am at the church
Jun. 28      Summer Celebration after Worship Service
Jul. 12-19 Camp Meeting / Dist. Assm. at I.L.N.C.
Jul.  28      Missionary Gathering at 4:00pm
Aug. 06     N.E.C.M. Supper House at 5:00pm

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