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Northeast Community News – January 3, 2017

Northeast Community News – January 3, 2017
Dear Friends and Family! 
      Yes, we had another wonderful day in the Lord this week! What a joy to celebrate the New Year by receiving communion together at the Lord’s Supper! And yet, it has felt a little strange not attending Sunday school for two weeks! While I’m sure some might think an hour of worship is more than enough to feed their souls, I hunger for more! The good news is our Sunday school and Worship service returns to their regular schedule this week! So, come and feed your soul this week at 9:45amfor Sunday school and 11:00am for worship! You’ll be glad you did! 
     Our message this week came from Jeremiah 1:4-9 and was titled, “Stewardship of Gifts.” Last week we began a four-week series on stewardship. A steward is someone whose responsibility is to take care of someone else’s property. In Genesis, we find God’s command to steward: 
“God blessed them [Adam and Eve] and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over every living creature that moves on the ground” (Genesis 1:28).
      This biblical mandate wasn’t limited to Adam and Eve, but serves as a template for all humanity to care for and manage all that God has created. And what was the first creation God gave you to ‘steward’ over? Take a look in the mirror for the answer! That’s right, the first creation God asked you to take care of for Him was yourself! We find evidence of this truth in Jeremiah 1:4-5:
“The word of the Lord came to me saying. “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations” (Jeremiah 1:4-5).
      Before Jeremiah (or you) were born, God already intimately knew you! Although Jeremiah was created with the gifts and talents to be the prophet God had called him to be, the reality is God has a plan for your life, too, and has provided you with the gifts you need to follow God’s plan! 
     This isn’t to say we always feel confident when God calls. Even though God had already told Jeremiah He had called and equipped him, in v. 6 Jeremiah responds not with obedience, but with excuses. In Jeremiah’s case it was, “I don’t know how to speak” and “I’m too young.” What excuse to you give the Lord when He calls you into a work that you feel ill-equipped to accept? 
Well, in v. 7 we find God immediately rebuking Jeremiah and then in vv. 8-9 we find God both gets to the root of the problem (fear) and promises to be near him, rescue him, and equip him. Ultimately, Jeremiah trusted God and accepted His call on his life. 
     How about you? What’s keeping you from being a good steward with the talents God gave you? My prayer is that in 2017 you will all hear God’s rebuke and realize, like Jeremiah, you need not fear because He will be near you, rescue you, and equip you for His plan.       Blessings, Pastor Dan
Janie has declared Winter Jam 2017 at the Van Andel Arena a must go to concert for all teens and young adults. Bands will include: Crowder, Tenth Avenue North, Britt Nicole, and Thousand Foot Krutch! It is already a deal at 10 bands for $10 bucks, but for teens the cost is FREE!  Janie convinced the church to pay your way!  You gotta go! Young adults can come, too, but they’ll need to pay the $10! What’s stopping you? Text your friends and then RSVP Janie at or text her at 616.204.2499! What a great way to start your New Year! Are you in? Hope so!
On Saturday January 21, 2017 the Michigan District is sponsoring “The Path of a Peacemaker” workshop at the Perry Church of the Nazarene. The Path of a Peacemaker is intended 
to assist all believers in resolving conflicts biblically with one another. The goal of Path is to bring healing, reconciliation, and restoration to relationships among believers in Christ. Through its use ministries will be renewed, grace will be promoted, and the witness of Christ greatly enhanced. The cost is $10.00. If you think you might be interested in attending, please see Pastor Dan. 
If you knit or crochet, and can make hats and/or mittens for men or women, the stewards would love to add them to the bags for the homeless
  1. Socks, 2) combs, 3) hand sanitizer, 4) toothbrush,  5) toothpaste, 6) dental floss, 
7)Kleenex, 8) Band-aids, 9) crackers (or other non-perishable food items), 10) $5-10 gift cards at fast food restaurants, 11) bottle of water, 12) mints, 13) words of encouragement, 14) feminine hygiene products (for female bags only), 15) black permanent marker
The Time of Greeting” has been eliminated from the servicePlease greet friends and visitors before and after service in the refreshment/classroom area. The sanctuary will be available for prayer and quiet reflection before the service. Please be respectful of those praying as you enter.
   I'm writing to invite you and any members of your church to be a part of the largest Nazarene Work & Witness project called, One Heart - Many Hands Indianapolis 2017!  This week-long service project will take place June 18-23.   In a recent conversation with Dr. David Downs, the District Superintendent of the West Texas District, it came to my attention that many pastors are under the impression that One Heart - Many Hands (OHMH) projects are just for youth groups. In actuality, OHMH is a Work & Witness project geared for the entire church to participate in. Many churches bring multi generational groups who work on the project and learn from each other. In past General assembly years we have averaged 2000 Nazarenes serving together with OHMH to leave the fingerprints of God all over the General Assembly host city.   I'm sure you receive hundreds of emails each year encouraging you and your church to be a part of something…  OHMH is a unique Work & Witness project that not only affords your group the opportunity to be involved in missions together but also to experience the Global Church of the Nazarene in a very visible and tangible way as team members participate in the General Assembly services.   Would you prayerfully consider encouraging your church to take advantage of this opportunity to serve alongside thousands of Nazarenes this summer in Indianapolis?  For more information about this service project please contact our office at or visit our website at       Thank you,  George Sisler
Thank you to everyone who is collecting Campbell Soup labels and General Mills box tops! While it seems small, the cash they generate really adds up! This program has provided PA equipment, computers, and even a 15-passenger van for Nazarene Sun Valley Indian School. Questions, labels and box tops should go to Fran S. or Sherry J.
Is there someone missing or would like to invite to church? Why not grab a few church postcards and send them out? A simple hand written note blesses everyone! You will find them on the table under the missionary bulletin board in the Annex.
“Reflecting God” is a daily devotional guide our church makes available free to anyone interested. The devotions provide a brief truth from the Bible every day. Reflecting God also has a section for reading the Bible in a year and praying for our missionaries! Feel free to take one! You’ll find them located on the table outside the sanctuary!
Remember, to keep our prayer lists current, we only place requests in the newsletter and bulletin for 3 weeks without an update. If you want to keep your prayer request in the bulletin or newsletter, just keep filling out the tear off tabs and keep us informed! 
Jan.   8                                    Winter Jam Concert
Jan. 19                        Third Thursday Chinese Lunch @ Hibachi Grill-Alpine @ 11:30 AM
Jan. 21                        Workshop – The Path of a Peacemaker – Perry Church of the Naz

Jan. 22                        Missions Sunday

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